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Težave s spanjem, CBD Vapes, smoking, cannabinoids, sleeper, focus, pain relief, energy, Hempethica, Widlab

Cannabinoids and terpenes to help with sleep problems

Research on cannabis, its ingredients and its effects on sleep is currently on the rise. More and more cannabis users are giving positive results when using cannabinoids and terpenes for sleep disorders. Cannabinoids can help us a lot because they work together and help our endocannabinoid system to get our body into balance.

Certificirani produkti Hempethica, WidLab, Certifikati, Vegan, CBD, CBD za živali, CBD for pets, Energy, Pain Relief, Lajšanje bolečin

Terpenes and their "Entourage" effect with cannabinoids

Terpenes are volatile aromatic molecules, with a strong odor and taste. It has been scientifically proven that terpenes are healthy for people and plants. But why do they work synergistically in conjunction with cannabinoids?

CBD Vapes, smoking, cannabinoids, sleeper, focus, pain relief, energy, Hempethica, Widlab

Terpenes in cannabis

What are terpenes? Why are they important? What terpenes do we know? Did you know that terpenes are found in all medicinal plants? Did you know that essential oils are made up of several different terpenes?

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