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About us - Team Hempethica

We are committed to the sustainable development of products that use the power of nature for their operation.


Hempethica is not just an idea. Hempethica is a vision of bringing natural products closer to humans and move them away from often unnecessary chemicals that surround us on a daily basis. Hempethica works with nature and concludes a special relationship between nature and humans.

Early in human history, plants had a special significance. The human species has found ways to obtain herbal active ingredients that heal or alleviate. Hempethica continues this tradition of natural products to help modern man with them.

At Hempethica, we focus on cannabis products that have been pushed to the edge for too long. But the time for change has come. Awareness of the beneficial effects of its use on our body and mind is becoming more widespread today. Our specialty is that with the right combination and ratio of ingredients we achieve specific results of our products. By using cannabis as the main ingredient, we also indirectly create positive effects on the environment.

Our products are registered under brand name Hempethica. They are developed on the basis of our own knowledge, which we are constantly upgrading in our company Widlab Ltd. For the purposes of our own research and development, we partly grow and process cannabis ourselves, as well. All in order to have the lowest possible carbon footprint and to involve the local population in their work processes.

Hempethica therefore works with nature and with people, for nature and for people.

Find products that are suitable for you in our online store and share your opinion with us. We appreciate it and with it you can help us develop our future products!

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Why did we start our journey?

Our mission

Our ideas and visions derived from the story, which was started 20 years ago. We are now trying to bring it among the people and bring the beneficial effects of cannabis and its ingredients closer to the people.

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Who are we?

A team of friends and experts

The Hempethica team consists of friends and experts from various fields who want to implement their ideas in various areas. Joy, happiness and coexistence with nature is our driving force. All our products are developed with our own knowledge and at the same time we cooperate with experts in this field.

From nature to people

We are always looking for inspiration in nature

Nature is eternal. Everyone in the Hempethica team is an advocate of nature. Nature cleanses and enriches us all. Already our grandmothers were saying that in nature for every disease a flower grows. We believe in tradition of our ancestors and therefore we want our products to be as natural as possible.

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Testimonials of our customers

I always had trouble sleeping. In the morning I woke up tired several times due to sleepless nights and so I had a spoiled all day. Ever since I am taking the drops for better sleep, I got rid of the problems.
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I got over Covid without a hitch. But after a while, problems arose and I completely ran out of energy. Many people with similar symptoms have had the same problems. The CBD ENERGY drops really helped me get back to normal.
Jernej Ljubljana | Hempethica | Drops of Nature
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At the moment we are shipping internationaly to some of European countries. For more information please contact us at info@hempethica.com
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We are already trusted by many users of our products. We offer only tested and selected quality products that have been developed with our own knowledge.

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Sign up for our newsletters, so we can inform you about our products, new posts and discounts!

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