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At Hempethica, we have a mission - to bring the natural power of cannabis closer to people. That's why our products are made from carefully cultivated natural raw materials. They are designed for anyone who believes in the benefitial power of plants.

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Our team of experts in various fields is providing you relevant content on cannabis, cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other active substances found in cannabis and other plants found in nature. Read about their effects on health and well-being in our blogs.

Read about their effects on health and well-being in our blogs.

Hempethica works with nature and with people, for nature and for people.

Cannabinoids and Covid-19… How can we help each other?
Cannabinoids and Covid-19… How can we help each other?

Can cannabinoids reduce the chances of Sars-CoV2 virus infection? In a 2020 study, Wang and colleagues suggested that products high in cannabidiol (CBD) could prevent virus infection, and there are already studies suggesting that cannabinoids could play an important role in the later stages of the disease.

Immune system and cannabinoids - how are they connected?
Immune system and cannabinoids - how are they connected?

Cannabinoids have the ability to support and / or suppress the immune system, depending on options and conditions. In cases where our immune system is weakened, it needs support. However, there are also cases where our immune system needs to be suppressed, which is most evident in autoimmune diseases. Immune system disorders can lead to autoimmune diseases, inflammation and cancerous changes.

Personal care products with cannabinoids
Personal care products with cannabinoids

If you do not yet know cannabidiol and other cannabinoids, which are the main components of cannabis, let us inform you that the very well researched area where cannabinoids are used is the area of personal care products. Research and studies in this field have increased exponentially in recent years, as have their beneficial effects on the body.

Could cannabinoids help improve the quality of life with patients having chronic pain?
Could cannabinoids help improve the quality of life with patients having chronic pain?

Are you among people who struggle with pain on a daily basis? Are you tired of chronic pain? Do you face chronic pain that persists even after the underlying cause of the illness or injury disappears? How can we help ourselves with cannabinoids and hemp terpenes?

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Why to choose Hempethica?

Our products for helping people with specific problems are developed by top experts with many years of experience.

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From idea to product

At Hempethica, we strive to develop quality products, which we complement with the help of experts from various fields.

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Let's listen to the market

We develop our products based on perceived market needs. We listen to people today so we can help you tomorrow.

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Easy and safe purchase

Our sales process is simplified as much as possible, and we use established and tested systems.

From our customers

Users who re-order our products give us a great deal of recognition. Many of them also spread our story. Thank you!

I have tried several products for sleep problems, including Hempethica BIO SLEEPER drops. Since I no longer have sleep problems when I use it and I know that the drops are made from all-natural ingredients, I now use this product regularly.

Darinka, 74

Some of us women have been experiencing severe menstrual problems for many years. I'm glad I came across PAIN RELIEF Drops, which for the first time really help me to get through those few days of the month as easily as possible.

Manica, 36

My studies were dragging on, not least because I was finding it difficult to concentrate and fit in hours of study every day. After a long time, I made a significant shift. Thank you for the drops for better focus!

Peter, 27

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