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V kolikor bi potrebovali pomoč pri izbiri pravih izdelkov na področju konoplje, kanabinoidov in terpenov, vam predlagamo izbiro Naprednega svetovalnega paketa. Za vas poiščemo strokovno literaturo, kjer so podrobno raziskovali omenjena stanja.

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In the Advanced Counseling Package, we offer you insights and options for using cannabinoids to help alleviate minor illnesses, which also includes advice on choosing the right cannabinoid products for your specific problems. In addition, we search and suggest the scientific literature about your specified conditions. Some literature is available for free, and is mostly in English language.

Cannabis possibilities for medical purposes

Most research on cannabinoids in the field of palliative use, covering the treatment or pain relief, nausea, insomnia and some other symptoms that adversely affect quality of life. The next well-researched field of cannabinoid use is the field of neurodegenerative diseases, which includes Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. A third well-researched area, however, covers disease states where pathogenesis is associated with excessive signal transduction, which includes epilepsy and neuropathic pain. Very good results of cannabinoid treatment are also in the field of inflammatory diseases, which include multiple sclerosis and the field of rheumatic conditions, which includes fibromyalgia. More and more research is also focused on the treatment of cancer symptoms and as an antitumor drug.

Who is suitable for self-treatment with cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids act on two systems in the body, the nervous system (central and peripheral) and the immune system. When our endocannabinoid system is in balance or in homeostasis, we feel good. However, if the balance is upset, our well-being deteriorates. This phenomenon usually occurs due to perceptions and disturbances from our surroundings. That’s when our endocannabinoid system activates and tries to get us back into balance.

The use of cannabinoids has been banned for a long time due to its long-standing prohibition.

If you are interested in more about counseling packages, you can read here.

How is counseling carried out?

Consulting is usually provided via Internet platforms (Meets, Skype, Teams, etc.). Exceptionally it can be carried out at the company's headquarters Widlab Ltd. in Ljubljana, Štihova ulica 13.


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